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         Founded in December 2013 by identical twin brothers, Karl and Erik Macias, Twinflux, LLC has helped its clients spread their services and increase their sales by creating high-quality marketable media content. College graduates from the University of Oklahoma, they are 20+ time award-winning producers (see accolades here).


        The Macias twins started their media production career when they were just 14 years old, shooting mock music videos with their friends. Soon thereafter, they attended New York Film Academy's one-week music video camp at Universal Studios. They were also fortunate enough to intern with executive producer and actor, Johnathan Brownlee, during their senior year of high school.


        Brownlee taught them valuable lessons in the media production industry that greatly contributed to their collegiate success. The Macias twins capitalized on their previous experience and quickly gained the respect of the Gaylord faculty. The duo worked closely with professors Kathleen Johnson and Mike Boettcher on Routes TV, now known as Oklahoma Routes TV, which provided them with excellent mentorship and real world experience. Karl and Erik are thankful for the opportunities and awards that they have been given, and they look forward to continue growing this media production company together.



Build a better brand identity with our marketing video service. Give both prospective and current clients a deeper look into your business model and mission.


From live events to conferences, we got you covered! Let us know how we can meet your needs.


"Not only do they do a great job, but they are a blast to work with." - Korine Martinez, Portfolio Resident Services 

"Karl & Erik are quick, professional, creative, and true to their word." - Larry York, Athletes in Acting Awards, LLC  

"I'm blown away by the quality of their work!" - Marv Bramlett, 100 Men Who Give A Damn Dallas 

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